Very interesting project helping and teaching children in Rio

Great program. Teaching children in Rio is a very interesting project.

And for sure, placed in the best city ever: Rio de Janeiro.

For the moment, it’s been a memorable experience, easy to learn Portuguese as it includes classes too, and flexible working times in order to be able to travel around the magnificent country, Brazil.

I definitely recommend the program teaching children to everyone that wants to volunteer in Rio.

  • Adriana Puiggrós – Barcelona
Adriana with the children at the project in Rio
Adriana with the children at the project in Rio

Feel inspired to volunteer to teach children in Rio?

Volunteer in Brazil working in child development or in a childcare center and help us save our children.

Children in Rio de Janeiro attend school either in the morning or afternoon, leaving them unsupervised for long periods of time if their parents are at work.

There are also several crèches (daycares) inside favelas of Rio that take care of babies while their parents have to work to make their living.

Find out more about the child development volunteer program in Rio de Janeiro.

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