Volunteer in South Africa with the Vervet Monkeys

“I’m having a wonderful time here and there is nothing that I don’t like.”
– Gijs van Suijlichem in our South African program

Save the Vervet Monkeys in South Africa

Volunteer in South Africa - Gijs van Sulijchen
Volunteer in South Africa – Gijs van Sulijchen

Make part of the vervet monkeys animal conservation volunteer program in South Africa n eeds help with the integration of the foster moms of 23 little orphans back into the troops.

Join the family at this amazing primate sanctuary. At this special initiative, orphaned primates come from near and far and are given a loving home where they are rehabilitated and cared for until they can be released back into the wild.

With over 500 cheeky monkeys in care at any one time, this sanctuary always needs an extra pair of helping hands. Your participation will help to ensure they are all well fed, cared for and loved; and will help raise funds to maintain the place up to scratch for its gorgeous guests.

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