Cheap Volunteer Trips to 17 Fascinating Destinations

Looking for a cheap volunteer trip? If you are about going for a volunteer vacation during a couple of weeks or plan a gap year experience, we have the perfect project for you. We offer a wide range of volunteer abroad destinations and a great variety of volunteer opportunities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Our variety of volunteer projects includes Teaching, Childcare, Child Development, Community Development, Business Development (NGO Support), Construction, Environment Protection, Animal Conservation, Sports, Arts & Design, IT, Women Empowerment, and many special projects. Find the perfect volunteer trip, where you find your favorite project in the destination of your dreams!

Plan your volunteer trip now! Find the volunteer destinations on the slides below, on each country page, you’ll find the projects available in your destination of interest.

If you do not find the project you want to do where you want to go, or if we do not have projects where you want to go, please let us know.

Put your dream into practice: travel the world and help people and animals

Our operations are linked to many development and environmental projects around the world, with whom we develop volunteer abroad projects to cater to the specific challenges these organizations face. Simultaneously, the volunteer programs provide gratifying experiences to the foreign volunteers as they witness the positive social and/or environmental changes that their work invokes.

Unique Volunteer Trips, Rewarding Projects

Check out some of the most popular programs and read testimonies of amazing volunteer trips:

Volunteer Vacations: Combine your holidays with an unforgettable volunteer experience


Wildlife Volunteering in the African Bush: Big Five in South Africa

Unforgettable Experience at the Big Five Game Reserve in South Africa - Camille with a leopardJoin our Big Five game reserve project as an animal conservation volunteer in South Africa.

During your stay, you will be part of a team of volunteers working together in order to carry out a spectrum of important tasks across the reserve.

The nature of the work will vary according to the weather and season, your tasks may include, but are not limited to: lion tracking, game counts & capture, environmental work, planting trees, managing vegetation and patrolling fences. There will also be tasks in the petting farm and stables, caring for the horses. You will also get to go out on game drives & wilderness walks and work hands-on helping with the care of animals in the rehabilitation and education center.

Unforgettable Experience at the Big Five Wildlife Sanctuary

This summer I had an unforgettable experience in South Africa. Thank you Iko Poran for this exceptional travel! Sure, I will do it again!

  • Camille Clauss Marietti

>> Go to the South African Big Five Game Reserve Volunteer Project

Living with Elephants: Volunteer Trip to Thailand

Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand Surin
Volunteer with Elephants

Join the centuries-old tradition of training ‘domestic’ elephants by mahouts in Thailand.

The volunteer program aims to offer a responsible and sustainable alternative to fate often faced by elephants in Thailand. Because of the dissolution of the logging industry, many elephants are taken to urban areas to beg for money and are often mistreated. Therefore, our elephant volunteer program continues to lead the way in Surin in helping to change attitudes towards elephant care for the better.

Volunteer on Elephant Care and Support the Local Community

Since all the activities are about caring for the elephants and treating them with respect, we put our strict no riding policy. Therefore, on your work schedule, you will walk the elephants through the river and bathe them. Moreover, you will plant and harvest food for the elephants and also feed them. Since we put the elephants in the first place, we base everything on a new approach to elephant care.

A New Approach to Elephant Care

A full program in which you are up close and personal with these magnificent creatures on a daily basis is a truly unforgettable way to see the real Thailand. Living in a traditional longhouse with other volunteers, it’s rural Thai life at it’s very best!

>> Find out more about volunteering with Elephants in Thailand

Arts & Design: Volunteer Trip to Rio de Janeiro

Jissaura Taveras, an Arts & Design Volunteer in RioWhen you feel like sharing your creativity an passion for arts, go for a trip to Rio de Janeiro, a city which has inspired many artists and musicians. During your stay you will work with children and adolescents of Rio’s Favelas, developing the young talents, be it painting, sculpting, dancing or singing! You may even paint the walls of a school or orphanage, having fun with the children and raising the vibes of the local environment.

There’s certainly plenty to offer on an art project that uses an invigorating mix of music, dance, and theatre to support the city’s most at-risk youth.

Working with children from a number of favelas (urban slums) your efforts will play a valuable part in helping a project desperately short of resources while allowing you to absorb the artistic vibes of Rio.

Jissaura: Amazing Experience as an Arts & Design Volunteer in Brazil

Had an amazing experience with Iko poran in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Although I signed up to volunteer for the art and design program, I was essentially more so of a student myself because the students at the program were my age and mostly independent with their studies.

Despite this, I was accepted and treated with extreme kindness even though there was a language barrier. I made some amazing friends with the students who taught me so much about Brazilian culture, Portuguese, and art (as I am an art student myself).  – Jissaura, Parsons Design School, New York

>> Go to the Arts & Design Volunteer Project in Rio

Marine Conservation: Protect the Great White Shark in South Africa

Great White Shark Volunteering in South Africa
Volunteering with the Great White Shark

Go for a trip to South Africa and work with Great White Shark Volunteering, in our marine conservation project. The project is located in Kleinbaai, 180 km south-east of Cape Town.

Since the population of sharks worldwide is under threat, you can play a vital role in helping to monitor and conserve one of the most incredible creatures of the marine world, the Great White Shark.

You will be working alongside marine biologists researching and observing these magnificent predators and their environment. You will have the task of sharing this research and knowledge with visitors going shark diving and may get the chance to assist in tagging and tracking sharks.

Most exciting of all, you have the unforgettable experience of going cage diving to meet your subject face to face – just try not to drop your camera! In your spare time, you will be free to enjoy and get to know the beautiful Western Cape and even travel further afield to explore the rest of South Africa.

>> Go to the Great White Shark Volunteer Project

Teach English in India

Lea teaching English in India
Lea teaching English

When asked, if she could describe her experience in India with three words, Lea would say: “Incredible, unexpected and beautiful.” She enjoyed her trip to India from the beginning: at the airport pickup, the orientation, and the volunteer projects. She has been teaching English to children and met so many friendly people. “They are unbelievable friendly”, she says, “and want us to discover the culture.”

In order to introduce you to the Indian culture, we included some cultural activities. During the first week, you will have Hindi classes and go out for incredible trips in Jaipur. You may choose, whether you would like to participate in Yoga classes, learn Indian dances or have Indian cooking classes, including to bake chapati, You will learn about religion as well, experience Holi and Diwali celebrations, and even draw Mandalas!

What makes the program unique?

As Lea put it: “The staff from the local organization is very welcoming and helpful, always ready to give you a hand with your program or giving you tips for your leisure activities. The people are very friendly. sometimes you can be a little bit too friendly, but it’s OK. You get used to it.”

>> Find out more about volunteer projects in India


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