Best Volunteer Trips

Looking for a cheap volunteer trip? If you are planning a volunteer trip or a sabbatical in the next few weeks, we have the perfect project for you. We offer a wide selection of volunteer projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Best volunteer opportunities on three continents

Latin America

Participate in the best Volunteer Projects in Latin America. Whether you're training football with kids in Brazil, or doing a medical internship in Peru, we provide world-class support and value for money. Take part in the international volunteer program in South America and have a unique travel experience!

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Join some of the most exciting and highly affordable projects to volunteer in Africa. Whether you choose to work as a wildlife volunteer in South Africa, or join educational and social projects in several African countries, your experience will be unique!

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Let yourself be enchanted by the exoticism of Asia and discover fascinating volunteer projects in Nepal, Cambodia, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Work as an English teacher in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal or contribute to animal welfare for the elephants of Thailand, there are many possibilities. We offer you in the volunteer work an excellent price-performance ratio and competent support on site.

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Save the baby sea turtles on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, where you also will get to know the people of the small village. A Caribbean adventure!

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Fascinating Volunteer Projects in 17 Countries

Animal Welfare & Wildlife Volunteering

Animal Welfare

Experience the fantastic wildlife at an animal welfare project in South Africa, or help protect the elephants of Thailand. You can even take part in a veterinary internship in the African bush.

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Marine Conservation

Dive into the marine fauna during a marine biology internship in South Africa. In Costa Rica and Sri Lanka, you can save young hatched sea turtles.

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Educational & Social Projects

Teaching English

Teach English abroad and get to know the culture. Apply now in Brazil, India, South Africa, Thailand or teach young monks at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal.

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Parenting Teacher at a Kindergarten

Do valuable work abroad as a volunteer parenting teacher. In South Africa you can do a fascinating internship at the kindergarten in Cape Town, or look after the children of a kindergarten in Thailand.

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Orphanages & Crèches

As voluntary child-carers, they can show love and affection to the children of orphanages and crèches. The social project at a nursery in Cambodia particularly inspires our volunteers.

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Medical Volunteering & Therapy Internships

Health Promotion

Our medical volunteer abroad and health promotion volunteer program is ideal for medical students or nurses who want to get hands-on experience with medical internships at hospitals and health centers.

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Wellness & Therapy

Choose from fascination volunteer opportunities on Wellness, Yoga, or Occupational Therapy.

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Environmental Volunteering

Reforestation & Environmental Awareness

You may choose to work with environmental volunteering in Brazil, Ecuador, and Ethiopia, in order to get involved in reforestation and ecological gardening projects.

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