Volunteer with Children at a Peruvian Kindergarden – Adriana de las Cuevas

I spent two weeks as a teaching assistant at a rural kindergarten. The experience was way different than I expected.

Loving and Affectionate Children at a Peruvian Kindergarten

The children live very difficult family circumstances and you have to be ready to see and hear some heartbreaking experiences.

Nonetheless, they are very loving and affectionate to volunteers so you instantaneously feel welcomed. Then is up to you how you want to make an impact.

Children really needed Love and Support

In my experience, I came to the realization that you cannot educate them in two weeks, and what these children really needed was love and support.

Iko Poran offer support at all times

Macchu Picchu, Cusco, PeruI recommend Iko Poran for this type of volunteer program because they offer support at all times if any doubts or concerns arise.

I was able to contact the Peruvian based advisor by WhatsApp at all times regarding my situation at a Peruvian Kindergarten, living situations, and even touristic doubts.

Also, the host family was always there for a chat if you are having trouble adjusting.

  • Adriana de las Cuevas

Want to Volunteer at a Peruvian Kindergarden?

Visit our page with all the programs to volunteer with child development in Peru.

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