Volunteer Work as a Family in Brazil: Rebecca and her two daughters

Rebecca Wolman and her two daughters Mica and Shaya do volunteer work as a family in Brazil. The three of them focus their volunteer work on Child Development and Sports Development (Football and Capoeira) in Rio de Janeiro.

Felipe, who runs this programme with his heart and soul, is incredible and inspiring. From the moment we first enquired about volunteering, right through to our departure, he answered all our questions, looked after our every need and was totally there to give us the best possible experience. There aren’t many options for one week volunteering but he was able to create a programme that fitted each of us perfectly, (from football to capoiera on the sports programme to childcare and community support) and made sure that we got what we wanted out of each day. We are under no illusions about having changed the world, but he did enable us and those that we met and worked with, to have some meaningful and beneficial encounters that will certainly stay with us, long after our trip is over.
And it was also good to know, that the fees go directly to those locally on the ground, not to some large international organisation.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?

As a family, we weren’t looking for a social scene so were very happy in the local B&B. I recommend checking every detail of your needs and expectations with Felipe beforehand to make sure it is the right volunteering programme for you, and Felipe will do everything possible to make sure it is.

Brazil is the perfect place for families to gather new life experiences and do valuable volunteer work. The Brazilians are so warm and joyful that we are happy to welcome your family in Brazil! – Rebecca

Voluntary sports teacher in Rio: Capoeira and football

Rebecca's Family gets involved with volunteer work in Brazil
Rebecca’s family in Rio

While Rebecca with one of her daughters gets invoved with child develpment at a kindergarten, the other daughter trains with a capoeira group in Rio. So the whole family in Brazil enjoys to work as volunteers!

Go to Rio as a volunteer sports teacher and train boys and girls in school by playing soccer! There are many popular sports in Brazil, you can teach football, futsal, capoeira, surfing and more.

We believe that every child deserves the chance to experience sports as a hobby and social activity that they can enjoy and motivate. Being active strengthens endorphins and increases daily concentration, improving cognitive mind and mental stability.

Volunteer educator in a kindergarten in Rio

Rebecca’s family in Brazil get involved as well as Volunteer Childcare Coordinators, where you can work with the development of children. You can also opt to look after the children in a daycare center in one of the Rio Favelas. With your love and dedication you help us to save our children.

This is undoubtedly the cheapest way to improve the quality of life of children living in Brazil. The children will appreciate your love and dedication, as in a country with one of the most pronounced gaps between rich and poor, not all children have the same opportunities.

Volunteer work as a family in Brazil

Sign up now for volunteer work in Brazil. The best travel experience of your life is waiting for you!

We strive to make volunteering abroad more accessible so that more people can help accomplish truly important tasks.

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