Volunteering in a College with Down Syndrome Children in Cusco

I spent 6 weeks on Cusco, in Perou, as a volunteer in a college with down syndrome children. All they were aged between 15 and 17 years old.
The experience was very special, challenging, and so interesting and valuable.

At the beginning, it deals more to obtain credibility and confidence from students, who can be distant when they dont know you.
After, it deals with managing the spécial needs of each of them, at the same Time. I have a 10children class, and all of them had very different level of handicap. It was so constructive and passioning to do that !!! Adapt to each children to make it improve and feel good.

They were very happy and artistic children, always speaking, or laughing, playing, or for some others singing and dancing. I laughed so much with them.

And meeting familles, mums of my students, I really met amazing persons!

I was living with a family in Cusco, which allowed me to become bilingual, speaking Spanish all time. You need to speak some Spanish at least in this kind of volunteering, its as useful in the family as well as at work.

My family was so lovely, always helping and advising me about my trips, and telling me stories. You will eat all the Amazing Peruvian dishes like cevicheeee !

I shared a lot with them, I definitely had the feeling to have a second family. Its a way to be perfectly immerged in the peruvian culture, it’s the best one!!!!

Thank you very much for all the persons I met which fully marked my volunteering. – Albane, France

How to be a volunteer in Peru

Join our fascinating volunteer projects in Peru. With educational projects, you can volunteer in a kindergarten, in the Peruvian Amazon or Cusco. And of course, you find plenty of workaway opportunities on our home page!

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