Amazing experience volunteering in Rio de Janeiro

Katherine volunteering with child development
Katherine volunteering with child development

I was volunteering in Rio de Janeiro for 2 weeks in a Child Development program. We were playing with between 10 and 20 kids everyday, this could be football, rope skipping, drawing,… They loved it when we prepared something special like painting or some different ball games. The kids were adorable and although two weeks is not such a long time, I learned a lot! I would recommend staying longer though, I could see that the kids got attached to us fairly quickly and I felt bad leaving them.

Felipe’s nice assistance while volunteering in Rio de Janeiro

Felipe is really nice, I liked it that he picked me up from the airport and showed me around Rio a little bit. I didn’t arrive on sunday like I was supposed to, but he didn’t make a problem of it at all. That’s something different from other volunteering programs I looked into.

Really nice people, also volunteers

Besides the volunteering itself, I met really nice people, also volunteers. I liked it that we stayed in the same hostel so we could go out together or to the beach during the weekends. It was probably one of the best experiences I had so far. I would definitely recommend! – Katherine


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