Teach Photography as an Arts Volunteer in Ethiopia

With your artistic talents, you can make the school students very happy. They will love to learn painting, sculpture and photography with you. While you are teaching your arts students, you will give students the opportunity to develop their creativity.

Art & Photography
Art & Photography

This project is a great opportunity for the students on the EEF education program to develop their inner creative skills. Learning about visual arts – painting, sculpture, etc, as well as photography, and being taught to come up with the ideas for a great piece of art work are as important as the art creation itself. This project can give the students an opportunity to pursue artistic vision. Whether they want to tell a story, sell a product or just capture the beauty around them, the project will fulfill their creative vision. Art and photography changes the way you see things. It’s actually quite an incredible transformation to experience. Suddenly you notice light, shapes, colours, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers… Everything looks different around you when you start seeing the world as an artist.

Your work as an arts volunteer may include, but not limited to:

  • Helping the students to discover their creative potential in a stimulating environment
  • Discussing practical, creative and critical techniques
  • Producing and analysing pieces of art and design
  • Developing the student’s senses both creative and analytical
  •  Difference between media, such as: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital media, printmaking, video and installation
  • Allowing the students to express their ideas and develop their full potential.
  • Work shop to perform the art they like
  • Developing skills in the foundational techniques of photography
  • Studying aspect of photography related to their individual interests
  • Preparing a prize competition

A Great Opportunity to Develop the Creativity of Your Students

By working on this visual arts project, you can pave the way for your students to learn about the visual arts. With you they will both develop their own creativity and learn the techniques of photography, drawing and sculpture. You will empower students technically and artistically, and thus improve their chances of growing into a future profession. At the same time, you will get to explore this fascinating country and witness the Ethiopia way of life. This project is perfect for anybody willing to explore the whole range of creativity!

For photography, volunteers would need to bring their own equipments.



Start Dates & Duration for Arts & Photography

  • Location: Addis Ababa (New Flower), Ethiopia
  • Arrival Airport: Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.
  • Available all year round
  • Every Saturday of the month, orientation takes place Sundays and work at the project starts MondaysYou can choose to volunteer from 2 to 24 weeks



Fees and what is included with the volunteer program

  • The program fee is paid directly to the host organization.
  • All of the projects incur a registration fee of  U$ 149.00 on top of the program fee.

Bedroom with ensuite bathroom (breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Free Week of Cultural Activities

What’s included in the volunteer in Ethiopia program fee?

  • Pre-arrival assistance
  • Airport pick-up & drop
  • Orientation about project, country and rules
  • Accommodation (double bedroom with ensuite bathroom) on the top floor of the student’s hostel
  • Breakfast & dinner – Authentic Ethiopia meals
  • English speaking project manager on project to assist. Italian, Spanish and Hungarian also spoken
  • Emergency assistance (if required)
  • Travel support in Ethiopia
  • Certificate of Volunteering
  • Cultural week activities!
  • Traditional coffee ceremony
  • Visit to Mercato (the biggest open-air marketplace in Africa)
  • Cultural visits to Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • Traditional Ethiopian dance
  • National Museum of Ethiopia, where it is possible to see “Lucy“, the most famous fossilized remains of early hominids.

What’s NOT included in the volunteer in Ethiopia program fee?

  • Airfare
  • Visa
  • Project transportation
  • All Personal expenses
  • Medical on related expenses (full private medical cover highly recommended)

There are no hidden costs. Iko Poran is an NGO based in a developing country. We are dedicated to helping you help others, at the lowest possible price. We are interested in making volunteering abroad more accessible so that more people can help do really important work.

Program cancellation policy

Before arrival in Ethiopia:

  • Cancellation before15 days- No refunds
  • Cancellation before 30 days- 50% refunds
  • Cancellation before a month- 75% refund


Accommodation & Meals

For all of our Addis Ababa, Ethiopia programs you have an accommodation for throughout the period of your stay. A bedroom (with ensuite bathroom) living alongside our students in our hostel within a welcoming and familiar environment.

Full details of the accommodation are available in out Pre-Departure Guide.

Both are great options and we’re sure you will have a fantastic time!



Volunteers work 4 to 6 hours daily, Monday to Friday.

You must be at least 20 years old at the start of your placement. All volunteers must have adequate volunteer travel insurance.



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You can choose from responsible and authentic volunteer projects in Ethiopia, all designed to give boarding students skills and knowledge for their future careers. No matter what your specific knowledge or hobbies are, there is something for everyone!

As a volunteer teacher, you can teach your skills to the students in Addis Ababa. In addition to teaching English, you can also familiarize students with music and singing. Moreover, you can practice yoga with the students in Ethiopia, do a wellness coaching or create an organic vegetable garden and educate students about environmental awareness.

You can even introduce teens to digital computer and Internet technology. If you want to strengthen the self-esteem of the female students, you can join the project to strengthen the role of women.

There are also a few sports talents in the school who are looking forward to being trained with a volunteer sports teacher!

With your volunteer work as an assistant teacher you contribute a lot to the future of talented students in the school!

Finally, there is a renovation and construction project, where volunteers and students gather to paint their class rooms.

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