Kindergarten in Peru: Childcare Volunteering at a Wawa Wasi in Iquitos, Cusco or Arequipa

Silvia Malheiro Portugal in helping the children in Cusco Peru
Silvia Malheiro at the kindergarten in Cusco

Take a trip to South America as a volunteer in a kindergarten in Peru. Working as a volunteer kindergarten teacher in a Wawa Wasi, as the kindergartens in Peru are called, is really fulfilling! You can choose to take care of children in a small village in the Peruvian Amazon near Iquitos, or to complete your educational internship in beautiful Arquipa or Cusco in the Andes.

Wawa Wasi means “kindergarten” in Quechua

The Quechua words “Wawa Wasi” mean children’s home. The Peruvian Wawa Wasi program provides comprehensive early childhood care to meet the need for day care for children under 4 years of age. Since the mothers are often employed, looking after the children in kindergarten is so important.

The kindergarten teachers pay special attention to little girls and boys from poor backgrounds. Since these children come from a social risk group, they deserve support and a lot of love and attention.

The board of the “Wawa Wasi” program perform their duties free of charge and provide time and social commitment to the children of their community.

Teaching Assistent at a Kindergarden in the Peruvian Amazon

I traveled by Iko Poran to Iquitos Peru on March of this year. I volunteered there for one week as assistant of kindergarden teacher in Padre Cocha, where it is an small Amazonian village. This trip was an amazing experience for me.
The kids are lovely, I was completely imerge in the local culture, that way I practice a lot my Spanish. Also if you are looking for a place where you can rest, be in contact with the nature and learn more about the local, this trip will be perfect for you. Jenny and her family are excellent hosts. – Eduarda

Share Love and Joy with the Children at the Day Care Center

Albane Pourmin Kindergarten Iquitos
Albane Pourmin Kindergarten Iquitos

Since the work with the children is so rewarding, you will begin to see life in a different way. With you voluntary work, you will give the chidren the chance to socialize, play and learn new skills in a safe area. These day care centers desperately need volunteers because each of the team’s educators has to care for at least 8 children from 1 month to 4 years. So, you can fill in the gap and give the children more attention! Your role includes also to organize short indoor activities such as art & craft, reading fairytale stories, coloring, playing games, serving food, cleaning and tidying, etc.

Volunteers must have a lot of love and energy to give to these children, and can expect to receive the same in kind. A flexible attitude is also vital to making the most rewarding experience.

Voluneer work in Arequipa, Peru’s Beautiful White-Stone City

You will be living in Arequipa, Peru’s beautiful white-stone city shadowed by the famous El Misti Volcano. In your spare time you can explore the mysteries of this astounding place and get to know the real Peru.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime.


Start Dates & Arrival

Projects in Peru start on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. Participants on our volunteer in Peru programs should arrive on Sundays. You can choose to volunteer from 1 to 12 weeks

Location: Arequipa


Orientation takes place on Monday after the arrival date.




  • The program fee is paid directly to the host organization.
  • All of the projects incur a registration fee of  U$ 149.00 on top of the program fee.

Peru Program Fees 2023

What is included in the program fee?

  • Airport Pickup in the volunteer location
  • Orientation
  • Accommodation for all projects (shared rooms in home-stays or volunteer residence)
  • 2 meals per day (breakfast & dinner) from Monday to Saturday
  • Support from local staff & Program supervision
  • In-country 24/7 support throughout your stay
  • In-country administration costs
  • Donation to support the local project

There are no hidden costs. These programs are the most affordable to volunteer in Peru.

Iko Poran is an NGO based in a developing country. We are dedicated to helping you help others, at the lowest possible price. We are interested in making volunteering abroad more accessible so that more people can help do really important work.

Participants in our Peru programs normally find US$ 70 to be sufficient for weekly expenses in the country.

*Refundable up to 60 days before the program start date according to our Terms & Conditions



Accommodation & Meals

Volunteers working with us in Peru are placed either into host families or at a volunteer residence depending on the project. Two meals a day are provided from Mondays through Saturdays (breakfast & dinner).



You must be at least 18 years old at the start of your placement. Exceptions can be made for under 18’s accompanied by a guardian or with a parental consent.

All volunteers must have adequate volunteer travel insurance.

Language Requirements

To enroll in our volunteer in Peru programs it is important that you have a grasp of the basics of the Spanish language; in order to be able to communicate with the local people, the other staff/ patients/ children. We offer a week of Spanish lessons on arrival, it is highly recommended that you take at least these 20 hours before you start with the volunteering. Once you speak enough Spanish to communicate with the people, you will start work in your program for at least one more week. If you already know Spanish, or would like to take more than one week of classes, that can be easily arranged with your program coordinator.


You will have a competent support and advices from the local team and project leaders. Someone will always be available in the case of any emergency. Please keep in mind that you are in a different country and should take some precautions to avoid exposing yourself to certain risks.

The local coordinators will give you all the information to have a safe and unforgettable experience.


Childcare in Cusco & the Peruvian Amazon

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Silvia Malheiro Portugal in helping the children in Cusco Peru

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