Childcare Volunteer in South Africa

Parenting Teacher at Doreen's Crèche in Cape Town

As a child care volunteer you will be teaching and caring for beautiful children at Doreen’s Crèche.  As a parenting teacher you’ll be working at the well-established day care centre at Masiphumelele Township, around 45 minutes from central Cape Town.

As a volunteer educator you live in the beautiful Volunteer House in Fishhoek, also on the peninsula and just minutes from the beautiful beaches.

Having fun with the kids at the daycare in Maisphumelele

The crèche in Cape Town receives over 60 children aged 3-6 during the day while their parents work to earn a living. You will take care of these dynamic and energetic children, which requires a lot of work. But your love and dedication will be greatly appreciated.

While you are teaching maths, counting, telling stories and more you can have a lot of fun with these great kids!

Your first day at the Volunteer House in Fish Hoek

On the first days of your stay, you will meet the other volunteers at the Volunteer House in Fish Hoek. You will surely make friends too. The Volunteer House has a swimming pool, a terrace, garden and a kitchen where you can meet the other volunteers and relax after work. Fish Hoek is a prosperous and safe neighborhood where you will also find great beaches.

Meet the children who you are going to teach

The next day you will meet the children’s group who will look after and teach you as a volunteer educator. One of our volunteers was greeted cheerfully every day with shouts “teachá” by the children, she was instantly in love. The district Masiphumelele is a poor suburb, but the people are friendly and take care of their children despite all material difficulties. A van brings you daily to the kindergarten in Masi, as the district is affectionately called by the inhabitants.

Love, Happiness and Simplicity

"I have no words to express my feelings … Maybe love, happiness and simplicity be them.
Volunteer work."

Mariane Oliveira, Brazil

Make a Difference for the underprivileged Children close to Cape Town

If you are energetic and ready for a challenge, and you like to care for children then this is the volunteer program for you. It is a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. You will have a lot of fun working with a team of highly motivated women.

Every affectionate look, every genuine smile, every sincere hug

"As much as the photos and videos portray the moments, the truth is that only you experienced all that. Every affectionate look, every genuine smile, every sincere hug.  And most of all, you find that making a child smile makes you smile a thousand times more. If you have the opportunity to know a culture completely different from the one you live in, don’t think twice…" - Allessandra Bertoldi, Brazil

Its impossible, not to fall in love

"Then the next day I met the group of children I would be a volunteer teacher, I was received with shouts and celebrations, “teachá” was like they called me everyday, it’s impossible not to fall in love." - Isabella Neves, Brazil

Having a volunteer trip in South Africa was stunning!

"Meeting new people and specially teaching kids has made me be a better person than I was before. Knowing a new culture and being with lovely children was really kind and special! It’s hard to explain and I guarantee it was one of the best choices and experiences of my life!" – Melissa Parisotto from Brazil

Excursions around Cape Town

During your time as a volunteer educator at Doreen’s Kindergarten in South Africa, you will also get to know life in Masiphumelele Township on the southern peninsula of Cape Town. On the trips to Cape Town you can explore the culture and history of South Africa, and of course relax on the beautiful beaches.

Childcare Volunteer in South Africa - Project Details

  • The program fee is paid directly to the host organization.
  • All of the projects incur a registration fee of  U$ 149.00 on top of the program fee.
What is included in the volunteer program fee?

Airport Pickup
Accommodation for all projects
Meals are included in most programs (please check the description of your chosen project)
Support from local staff & Program supervision
In-country 24/7 support throughout your stay
In-country administration costs
Donation to support the local project
No hidden costs
There are no hidden costs. Most of these projects are the most affordable to volunteer in South Africa.

Iko Poran is an NGO based in a developing country. We are dedicated to helping you help others, at the lowest possible price. We are interested in making volunteering abroad more accessible so that more people can help do really important work.

Participants in our South Africa programs normally find US$100 to be sufficient for weekly expenses in the country.

The program fee should be paid to the host country and it is due 30 days before the project start date.
Start Dates & Duration
Our childcare volunteer programs in South Africa start on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

Therefore, you should plan to arrive before 4:15pm. If you can’t make it, we suggest you fly in a day early. We can arrange airport pickup and extra night of accommodation.

Location: Masiphumelele Township, around 45 minutes from central Cape Town
Arrival airport: Cape Town (code CPT).
Shared dormitory room in volunteer house, same sex rooms
Food is not included. You will need to purchase your own food (budget approximately US$50 per week)
Duration: Available from 2 to 12 weeks.
Requirements for Childcare Volunteers
You must be at least 18 years old at the start of your placement.

All participants in our volunteer in South Africa programs must have adequate travel insurance and are required to provide a criminal background check to local staff on arrival in South Africa or during orientation,

Treat animals and humans with respect.

Most importantly, pack in energy, a positive attitude, love in your heart and a spring in your step!

Some projects also have specific requirements, therefore please check the description of your chosen program.
Language Skills required to volunteer in South Africa
Fluency in English is required in all the projects.
You will have competent support and advice from the local team and project leaders. Someone will always be available in the case of any emergency. Please keep in mind that you are in a different country and should take some precautions to avoid exposing yourself to certain risks.

The local coordinators will give you all the information to have a safe and unforgettable experience.



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