Wildlife Rehabilitation in South Africa

Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer in South Africa: Care for Injured and Orphaned Animals

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If you decide to volunteer for wildlife rehabilitation in South Africa, you will be able to nurse orphaned and injured African bush animals. During your entire stay you will live close to these magnificent anmials. While doing so, you will develop a deeper understanding of African wildlife. After all, during your work with wildlife rehabilitation you will have a unique experience that goes far beyond the wildest dreams of most people.

Wildlife Rehabilitation: Take parte in essential conservation efforts

During the wildlife rehabilitation volunteer project, you will participate in significant conservation efforts that are in need in South Africa. This is a unique occasion, since you will work as a wildlife volunteer in a unique conservation area. After all, the reserve is home to rare bird and wildlife species in Africa.

Wake up with the singing birds of the African Bush

Druing this volunteer trip into the African bush you will devote yourself entirely to the rehabilitation of large and small animals from the wild. You will spare no time or effort and make a valuable contribution to the conservation of endangered species with their loving pest of animals. Since you live in a nearby lodge, the African Dawn Choir will wake you up every moring. After breakfast, you will spend your days looking after the animals.

Develop your Insight into the African Wildlife and Enjoy a Unique Travel Experience

As you will be working just a few kilometers from the beach and the bush and other tourist attractions, this internship offers a great experience in South Africa.

This experience will develop your insight into the wildlife of South Africa and really touch your heart.