Women’s Empowerment in a foster house in Cusco

Volunteer with Women Empowerment in Cusco – Peru with IKPVA providing sustainable development opportunities to girls and women. Help fighting for women’s rights in Cusco!

In this project you will be placed in one of the local NGOs operating in the semi-urban & rural areas of Cusco. There, you will be working as a volunteer in the fields of education – teaching computing and digital marketing skills, sharing love and warmth, and awareness, counseling, and empowerment of females.

Women Empowerment in Cusco: Sustainable Development Perspectives

The women empowerment provides sustainable development opportunities to girls and women who suffered domestic violence. These women have the chance to learn new skills to start a new life. In Peru, there are regular marches to help raise awareness among women about their rights & justice. Seminars are organized to raise voices against domestic violence, & harassment. Counseling surveys can be done to serve the purpose of the programs. There are regular classes to educate these women to make them self-independent. Sadly, a lot of women bear violence and harassment because of dependence on their husbands and fear for their families. So, becoming self-dependent is the first step to stop all violence and harassment.

Women Empowerment Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

  • The major task will be to teach MS Office and digital social marketing to young women.
  • Lessons provided by the volunteer will also embrace human rights, domestic violence, values, and self-esteem awareness.
  • Keep kids busy through colouring activities and other playful learning to allow their mothers attend the class.
  • Preparing art & craft activities for kids and bring the materials
  • Helping the local staff in documentation
  • Helping the women in exploring the new ways of earning money & becoming financially independent
  • Teaching them about preparing a Home Budget
  • Supporting them in promoting and selling their hand-made products
  • Being a confidante and providing emotional support

Benefits of the Women’s Empowerment Project in Cusco

Volunteers will be placed in a foster house for women who suffered domestic violence, most of the time these women arrive with their kids (babies until 12 years old), so, volunteers need to prepare in advance art & craft activities to keep them busy while their mothers are busy or learning computing.
This is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside women who needs emotional and phycological support, helping in the process of improving the social position of the women and raising awareness of the importance of feminism in a country where many women without education are still very much treated as inferior. This is your chance to make an impact in someone’s life. This project is open for women only and is perfect for anyone who believes in equality and have knowledge on MS computing.


This program requires a minimum stay of 3 weeks and intermediate level of Spanish.

Start Dates & Arrival

Projects in Peru start on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. Participants on our volunteer programs should arrive on Sundays. You may choose to volunteer from 1 to 12 weeks.

Airport Pickup at the volunteer location


Fees – What is included with the program

  • The program fee is paid directly to the host organization.
  • All of the projects incur a registration fee of US$ 149.00 on top of the program fee*
  • For the Women’s Empowerment Project in Peru, there is an administrative fee of $85.00 for 3 to 5 weeks and $115.00 for 6 to 8 weeks.

Peru Program Fees 2023


What is included in the program fee?

  • Airport Pickup in the volunteer location
  • Orientation
  • Accommodation for all projects (shared rooms in home-stays or volunteer residence)
  • 2 meals per day from Monday to Saturday (breakfast & dinner)
  • Support from local staff & Program supervision
  • In-country 24/7 support throughout your stay
  • In-country administration costs
  • Donation to support the local project

There are no hidden costs. These programs are the most affordable to volunteer in Peru.

Iko Poran is an NGO based in a developing country. We are dedicated to helping you help others, at the lowest possible price. We are interested in making volunteering abroad more accessible so that more people can help do really important work.

Participants in our Peru programs normally find US$ 70 to be sufficient for weekly expenses in the country.

*Refundable up to 60 days before the program start date according to our Terms & Conditions




Requirements for volunteers in Peru

You must be at least 18 years old at the start of your placement. Exceptions can be made for under 18’s accompanied by a guardian or with a parental consent.

All volunteers must have adequate volunteer travel insurance.

Language skills required

To enroll in our volunteer in Peru programs it is important that you have a grasp of the basics of the Spanish language; in order to be able to communicate with the local people, the other staff/ patients/ children. We offer a week of Spanish lessons on arrival, it is highly recommended that you take at least these 20 hours before you start with the volunteering. Once you speak enough Spanish to communicate with the people, you will start work in your program for at least one more week. If you already know Spanish, or would like to take more than one week of classes, that can be easily arranged with your program coordinator.



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