Women Empowerment and Teaching Kids in India

Odette Crisp, volunteer from Australia, working hard in two projects in India: Women Empowerment and Teaching Kids.
Way to go Odette!!

Women Empowerment in Jaipur

Odette Women Empowerment in India
Odette Women Empowerment in India

In this project you will be placed in one of the local NGOs operating in the urban, semi-urban & rural areas of Jaipur. There, you will be working as avolunteer in the fields of awareness, counseling and empowerment of females.

Women Empowerment in India: Sustainable Development Perspectives

All the projects provide sustainable development opportunities to girls and women – mothers, grandmothers and daughters – through education and motivation. There are regular rallies and marches to help raise awareness among women about their rights & justice. Seminars are organized to raise voices against domestic violence, eve-teasing (cat-calling) & harassment. Counseling surveys can be done to serve the purpose of the programs. There are regular classes to educate these women to make them self-independent. In India most of the women bear violence and harassment because of dependence on their husbands and fear for their families. So becoming self-dependent is the first step to stop all violence and harassment.

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Teaching English in India

Odette Teaching English
Odette Teaching English

You will be teaching English at a CSR (Community school) in Jaipur, situated in the southern part of the city. Since the school is catering to children from an economically weak & marginalized area, quality English teaching with all other required amenities provided are a great advance for the young students. Our in country partners have supported the school with all the furniture, infrastructure & teaching materials like boards etc. There are around 54 students who are studying in 1st to 5th grades. As a volunteer you will teach the students the necessary things that will help them in developing their interpersonal skills. You will also help the local staff in daily operations of the school. The top-most requirement of the project is to develop the overall personality of the students by encouraging extracurricular activities, art & craft, group discussions, teaching & communication.

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Volunteer Opportunities in India

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  1. Hello, I am from Colombia and I am very interested in this program. As I come from a country where women are free, it is hard to understand the way this girls there are discriminated. I studied teaching in foreign languaged, I’ve participated in arts and sports activities then, I could help in several fields. I would like to know the requirements to be part of the volunteering.

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