Women Empowerment Volunteering

In the context of voluntary work in the promotion of women empowerment, training women can improve their career opportunities, build up self-confidence and strengthen solidarity. Commit yourself to equal rights for women in Tanzania, India or Ethiopia.

Voluntary projects for Women Empowerment and Women's Rights

Women's advancement in Ethiopia

Help with Iko Poran in the advancement of women in Ethiopia! You will be teaching life skills and English to the female students at the colleg in Addis Abeba so that they can grow personally and professionally.

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Women's project in India

Work as a volunteer in a women's project in Jaipur, India, which offers girls and women opportunities for professional qualification. Convey confidence, build up self-confidence and stand up for women's rights!

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Education for Tanzanian women

Help to strengthen women in Tanzania in our project that supports women. This is a centre that offers temporary residence, education and vocational training to young single mothers and girls under 18 years old together with their children.

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Field reports from the promotion of Women Empowerment