Working every day at the orphanage was amazing – Joe Bartley in Nepal

I can’t thank the organization enough for the experience they gave me. In my three month programme there has not been a day where I didn’t feel part of a family and looked after as if I as grown up with them. They was always prepared to help me with any problems or queries.

Working everyday at the orphanage was amazing
Joe Bartley painting at the Orphanage

They have cooked food every night tasted incredible and the family very quickly made me feel at home and looked after. This is a feeling I will never forget. Working every day at the orphanage was amazing. The children made sure they would keep me on my toes and keep me fit. They are such wonderful kids and even though I was there to help and teach them. What I received back in return is more than I could ever imagined. I was their older brother and that’s something I’m very proud to be able to say. The staff also did everything they could to make me feel welcome and I never once felt alone or out of place due to the hospitability they showed me. The past three months have been the most wonderful time of my life and I owe all the family, the children and Narayan and his organization. Words won’t do justice to how much it has changed me for the good. Thank you once again for everything. – Joe Bartley

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