The Environmental Program in Rio has been a Great Experience

The Environmental Program in Rio has been a great experience. The people I work with are incredibly welcoming and the work itself contributes to the local communities and the environment in an important way. Rio is also a beautiful city with a lot to offer and wonderful people to meet. Thanks for the valuable experience! – Elisa Paterson, from USA and now living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

About the Environmental Program in Rio de Janeiro

Miriam Fleur working at the community garden

If you enjoy the outdoors consider working as an environmental volunteer in Rio de Janeiro. There are two projects for Urban Environmentalism available: one at the Tijuca Rainforest and community garden. From conservation projects to urban renewal, IKPVA has partnerships with a number of NGOs and projects. They are helping to protect Rio’s stunning landscape. Then, they are growing vegetables and salads in community gardens to alleviate hunger or donate to local crèches.

You can volunteer with the reforestaion project at The Tijuca National Forest, the world’s largest urban forest. At this project, you will be helping in the three nursery. What is on your working schedule: counting species, opening and cleaning trails, cutting branches, painting fences/ signals, among other activities.

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